Frequently asked questions

How long will the pasta last in my fridge?

All of our pasta can be kept in the fridge for 1-2 days. PRO TIP: To store it any longer, we highly recommend freezing it on the day of delivery. This will not lessen it's fresh taste but it will keep the pasta less humid and therefore ensures that it does not stick together. Pop it straight into the boiling water, DO NOT DEFROST.

How do I store the sauces?

The sauces must be kept in a cool and dry place. Once you have opened the jar, it must be kept in the fridge and must be finished within 4 days. You can also freeze the sauces if you wish to keep them longer. Before adding it to your pasta, thaw well - we recomend defrosting sauces slowly in the fridge the day before use.

Can the pasta and sauces be frozen?

Yes! All of our pastas and sauces can be frozen. See instructions above.

Does each type of pasta have a specific sauce?

Traditionally yes, pasta and sauces are specifically combined. If you would like to try our set combinations, try out one of our Suggested Boxes. Otherwise, you can add your own touch by choosing your favourite pasta and sauce combination. We guarantee that all combinations will be delicious!

How long must the pasta cook?

Fresh pasta takes less time to cook than dry pasta, and usually it will take between 3 - 6 minutes, depending on the type of pasta. Please check the cooking instructions in your box for details on your specifc pasta.